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Preferred closing attorney for over 50 lending institutions.


Call us first if you are considering refinancing.
We can help you choose a lender with the appropriate services to suit YOUR needs. 


Arlene M. Keating, LLC can make the complicated area of real estate much simpler for you by:

Preparing and Reviewing most buyer or seller documents including:

Offer to Purchase
Purchase and Sale Agreements
Lease Agreements
Promissory Notes
Title Insurance
Closing Documentation

Commercial and Residential Lending

Arlene M. Keating, LLC is a preferred closing attorney for over 50 lending institutions.  Representing lending institutions in loan transactions, closings, work outs, foreclosure actions and collections.


 Arlene M. Keating, LLC can facilitate your condominium conversions.

Conducting equity searches and title examinations

1031 Exchanges

Declaration of Homestead

Why should I opt for a Declaration of Homestead?

Title Insurance

 Why should I opt for owner’s title insurance?