Estate Planning

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Every person, no matter what age or income level, should proactively plan for how their affairs will be handled after they pass away or if they are incapacitated. Arlene M. Keating LLC can make this process a reassuring one through the creation of:


A will is a written document controlling the dispositions of an individual's property at death. It may be changed at any time, and should be reviewed and updated at regular intervals (every 3-5 years) and upon major life changes (Marriages, births, deaths).


A trust is a powerful estate planning tool. With a trust you have more flexibility in handling the assets and eventual use of those assets. Trusts are especially useful in certain tax situations, and when you have heirs you want to benefit, but to whom do would not want to give large amounts of unrestricted assets.

 Durable Powers of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a written authorization, creating an “agent” the legal power to act for the “principle.” The grantor (the “principle”) designates the “agent” to act for him or her who is usually a relative or a friend. A power of attorney is written so that it remains in effect even if you are incapacitated and cannot act for yourself. Your agent can act for you and carry on you daily affairs; personal and business.

Health Care Proxies

This is a special kind of power of attorney which names someone to make health care decisions for you when you cannot. “Health Care Proxies” are granted the power to give or withhold authorization for medical procedures and life of death decisions.